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  Nude-Babies Increasing In Tollywood

Nudity seems to be the trend now. Every heroine is aiming at skin show and oomph exhibition to get on to the top grade. It is true that the demand for hot babes is proved in Kollywood as well. Nayanatara seems to be the best inspiration for many actresses. Her bikini in Billa has pulled all the currency notes from the pockets of producers into her account.

It's said that Anushka is wearing similar kind of outfit for the film 'Billa'.

But much before her attempt Priyamani is coming up with bikini sort of costume in the film 'Drona'. The family type heroine who bagged a homely image with the film Pellaina Koththalo is now throwing away her saree and blouse to emerge as bikini-goddess.

We have to see who else will take this path to turn the heads of people. Well, that all depends on how well Priya Mani cashes with her bikini.

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