Sun Aug 28 | 0:23:42 | 2016
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  Mumaith Khans Nude Photos With Naked Men
  Hot item song queen turned heroine in news now. Mumaith Khan has given a complaint to police on a guy who has been harassing her. The guy in question is the son of a renowned politician who has been teasing Mumaith asking for her vital stats and inviting her for night. The guy used Sms to harass Mumaith initially but she ignored. Then the guy shifted his harassment through emails as Mumaith ignored him. Mumaith has been silent even with that but freshly she received a parcel of photographs showing her nude (with morphing) along with men those are nude in nasty Kamasutra poses. This irritated Mumaith and she gave complaint on the perverted guy showing all these evidences. The name of the person is not disclosed by police or any other source. Mumaith met that person through a common friend recently in a resort it seems. The case is in investigation now.
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