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  Moonlight Sex Scandal Of Hero-Heroine

When it comes to romance and passion, no place, time or venue matters and especially when the man and woman are young then it would take only a drop of hat for things to take shape and emotions to run high. This is more frequently seen in the film industry where young pairs act together.

About two months back at the famous Film Studio, a Tamil unit had camped in it and they were there for shooting purposes. It is heard that both hero and heroine developed a crush over each other and in no time they were seen cozying up to each other.

One such time they were busy under the moonlight romancing when the security guards spotted them and restricted them from the moonlight passions since it was not the right place. It is heard that the hero bribed the security guards and went on with his act. But later, it is heard that he was struck by fear if all that had been taken on cam by any of the inquisitive security guard despite receiving bribe. Maybe the internet will give the results on that one.

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